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Magical Children's Entertainer Dizzy Dean had some ideas for you

For a better-controlled party, When choosing a party venue to try and choose a hall that comfortably suits your attendance numbers without being too big, as large empty spaces encourage children to run around.

If your party is set back off the road, balloons tied around a nearby tree or lamp post is a great way of letting your guests know where the party is.

If possible, limit the number of parents staying at the party, this allows Dizzy Dean to be heard over chatty parents as well as children being keener to get involved as there are fewer parents to cling too.

Avoide putting out lots of empty chairs around the venue as this encourages more children to sit out of the party games.

Balloons on the wall make a great decoration, but avoid leaving balloons lying around the venue floor as this will result in the children hitting each other over there heads, balloon popping and some children may be scared.

Putting name sticker on the children as they arrive allows Dizzy Dean to be able to create a much more fun and friendly bond with the children.

For younger guests consider making a note of their parent's mobile number in case they become upset at missing them or in case of an emergency.

Attaching helium balloons to the birthday child’s chair and seating them in the middle of the table, is a great way to make them special at food time.

Balloon modelling and Live Bunny at the end of the show puts a smile on the faces of all the children

Hufflepuff  the Magic Rabbit

All the children get to stroke Hufflepuff  at the end of the Dizzy Dean Magic Show

Magic Wand

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